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Evrmore (EVR) is a blockchain Decentralized Finance and Commerce platform with built-in UTXO-based asset and DeFi primitives.

Evrmore is on CoinMarketCap.com, CoinGecko.com and WhatToMine.com

New!!: Introducing EvrLight - The asset layer for Bitcoin-Lightning

Now application developers can use Evrmore as the hidden asset layer for Bitcoin-Lightning. Casual users will be able to buy and sell event tickets, subscriptions, coupons and NFTs trustlessly and privately using only their Lightning-capable Bitcoin wallet. Read the Announcement Here

Better assets for Bitcoin lovers.

For assets, create simple UTXO-based human readable asset names guaranteed to be globally unique. For money, we love Bitcoin.

DeFi and Commerce focused

Extends the Ravencoin design with enhanced UTXO protocol-level support for distributed finance and commerce.

More Secure

Supports asset creation and trade without the risk and complexity of Ethereum-style smart contracts.

Community Created

Built by current and former Ravencoin developers, hodlers, and miners to provide a simple practical asset solution.

Developer Attractive

Built-in funding for core development from a 10% mining-paid development fund. We would prefer a donation model, but we have to eat.

Upstream Beneficial

Improvements and bug fixes to the forked code can be ported back to the Ravencoin codebase when desired.

Distributed Mining

EvrProgPow algorithm for GPU-optimized ASIC-resistant mining with a 3GB starting DAG size.

Fast ⚡️

Set up full nodes for Evrmore and fully sync them in 2 hours with less than 2GBytes data (for now).

Developer Friendly

Built-in "setgenerate" testnet CPU mining for developer convenience.

Evrmore: Purpose-Built and Optimized is Better than General-Purpose.

Stay in the loop

If you have any questions or feedback, please join our community on Discord at https://discord.gg/4csauGuvw3