The snapshot height has been announced!

Posted October 10, 2022 by Hans Schmidt ‐ 2 min read

The snapshot for Evrmore will take place at Ravencoin block height 2,510,000. Make sure your RVN are on-chain then!

The snapshot height on the Ravencoin block chain has been announced. The snapshot of the Ravencoin blockchain state will occur at block # 2,510,000, which should occur at roughly 2:43am UTC on Oct 25th 2022.

From that state, a list of RVN addressess and their balances will be calculated. Ravencoin assets will not be copied onto the list. That list of RVN addresses will be translated to EVR addresses and used as an “airdrop” at the genesis of Evrmore mining. So holders of RVN at the time of the snapshot will be granted an equal number of EVR when Evrmore starts. In order to preserve ownership of your EVR, all airdropped coins will need to be moved to different EVR addresses by their keyholders within 60 days after the airdrop. After the 60 day time limit, any airdropped coins which have not been moved to new EVR addresses will become unusable/burned. This will remove from the EVR coin supply any EVR which were airdropped to RVN addresses which were burned, lost, or disinterested in EVR.

But your RVN must be ON-CHAIN, not parked at an off-chain exchange such as Binance in order to participate in the airdrop.

Also, for practical reasons of performance and security, only the 50,000 most valuable Ravencoin addresses will be eligible for the airdrop. At today’s (recently doubled) price, that implies a cut-off of about $130 US minimum per address. We would love to include every address, but Ravencoin has almost 1/2 billion addresses with non-zero balance! It will be more convenient for you and benefit everyone if your RVN are consolidated into fewer addresses.

So be ready with your RVN on chain during the Ravencoin chain snapshot in order to get your free EVR!

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