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Evrmore (EVR) is a blockchain Decentralized Finance platform with built-in asset and DeFi primitives.

DeFi focused

Will extend the Ravencoin design with protocol-level support for distributed finance applications.

More Secure

Achieve DeFi functionality without the risk and complexity of Ethereum-style or eutxo-style smart contracts.

Creator Friendly

Support artist/issuer royalties on future trades of their NFTs.

Community Created

Built by current and former Ravencoin developers, hodlers, and miners with different strategies than Ravencoin.

Developer Attractive

Built-in funding for core development utilizing a 10% mining development fund.

Upstream Beneficial

Improvements and bug fixes to the forked code can be ported back to the Ravencoin codebase.

Distributed Mining

EvrProgPow algorithm for GPU-optimized ASIC-resistant mining with a 3GB starting DAG size.

Fast ⚡️

Set up full nodes for Evrmore and fully sync them within minutes.

Developer Friendly

Built-in "setgenerate" testnet mining for developer convenience.

Evrmore: Purpose-Built and Optimized is Better than General-Purpose.

Stay in the loop

If you have any questions or feedback, please join our community on Discord at https://discord.gg/4csauGuvw3